Hi everyone, and welcome to the first Rival Stars Horse Racing update of 2023.

This year will see the release of many exciting and anticipated features for Rival Stars Horse Racing. Our first update of the year includes several new additions including a brand-new bonus event that kicks off next week. 

Introducing Foaling Season, a limited-time event that rewards players for breeding quality horses!

The concept is simple: breed together two horses that are grade 2 or above and earn points for every resulting foal that is also grade 2 or above. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, it’s time to claim your rewards. You can collect your rewards at any time by returning to the event page.

Make sure you take advantage of this exciting new event and the chance to earn valuable rewards.

How to access Foaling Season

To access the Foaling Season event information, you’ll want to head to the Bonus Events tab shown below. This is your main hub to keep track of how you are doing during the event, as well as your collection point for rewards and prizes.

Anything else?

Researching hidden genes through videos

Players now have the option to uncover their horse’s hidden genes by watching a video, which can assist in breeding efforts. This feature is limited to once every 24 hours, so be sure to take advantage of it in order to breed your desired horse. If there are no videos available you can still pay gold to reveal hidden genes.

Breeding improvements

Enhancing your breeding efforts just got simpler. While selecting horses to breed with, players can now conveniently view a list of available stallions that they own on the Breeding screen. Setting your horse as a Stud will also increase its visibility by moving it to the top of the list.

Looking forward

Stats Training, Inheritance, and Live Events

We are aware of the recent discussions regarding live events, and variation in max stats for fully trained horses within the game. Rest assured, we are actively addressing these concerns and have initiated the development of new systems to enhance the breeding, training, and Live Event experience for our players.

Changes on the way:

Stats Training and Inheritance

  • If a foal has the maximum level 1 stat for its grade, it will have the highest possible stat when fully trained.

Live Events

  • Changes are being developed to make these more rewarding for a wider player base.

Keep an eye on our community group for further updates, as we will be sharing more details about these changes in the near future.


Change notes and fixes

  • New Bonus Event – Foaling Season
    • Earn points by completing breeding tasks.
    • Claim rewards when you pass point thresholds.
  • Breeding improvements
    • All your owned stallions are available in the Stud List.
  • Researching hidden genes with a video
    • If no videos are available you can still pay gold as before.
  • Seasonal theming


  • Correct foal coat pattern now showing
  • Pre-race horse idles no longer clip

Known issues: 

  • Game occasionally ignores ‘modify outcome’ selection.
  • Devices with PowerVR encountering issues.
  • Mission ‘In the Zone’ will not complete. 
  • Tack not showing on some horses