Hi everyone,

In this round of update notes, we’ll talk about a long-awaited feature: Switzerland Cross Country. We’ll also discuss the Story Mode, a new scoring system, and more.


Grab your passports because it’s finally time to venture to the beautiful land of Switzerland and prove your skills in Cross Country against the greats.

There are 6 new courses for you to tackle, each taking you through the breathtakingly rich fields of Switzerland.

But that’s not all — just like the courses based at your ranch, each Switzerland course also has a Pro mode that you can unlock when you are ready to challenge your abilities even further.

Each course also offers different rewards. The harder the course, the better the rewards  


New story and character. Khadijah 

We are continuing Cross Country Story Mode with the addition of 3 new chapters that contain 24 new missions.

You have been perfecting your Cross Country skills around the ranch with Kay’s help. Now the big leagues are calling and you have been invited to participate in Switzerland. 

Here you will meet a brand new character — your new rival, Khadijah.

Khadijah is a good-natured, competitive, friendly, and eloquent influencer who loves what she does and has put in a lot of hard work to establish her personal brand. Her dedication and natural talents have made her a successful and respected figure in both the Cross Country scene and the social media world.

Take on Cross Country Story Mode to see if you have what it takes to beat Khadijah!

New scoring system

Scoring has undergone a balancing change to fall more in-line with Live Events. Going forward, any penalty points accrued by missing or having your horse refuse a jump will now add time to the end of your run.

But that’s not all! Just like regular Story Mode racing, Cross Country Story Mode is getting leaderboards! Compare your time against Khadijah and other AI racers to continue to refine your skills. 

Breeding changes

A quality of life improvement is coming to the Foal Stalls! Players now have the ability to view the potential outcome of their foal during the breeding timer.

Clicking on the image of either parent will bring up the horse info screen, which shows you the grade of the parent, plus their stats, visible genes, and hidden genes (if you have these unlocked).

Looking to the future

Some players may notice a change in how they are placed into Live Events. This is because we’ve begun working on a smarter server placement system. This system is still collecting information and will look to go live for everyone in the coming months. 

We are continuing work surrounding the variation in max stats for fully trained horses (Decimal Point System), We don’t have any new information to share yet, but we hope to give you a full update on any changes soon.

That’s all for this update folks. Don’t forget to check out the community to keep up to date with recent news, and competitions. Until next time, happy Racing/Riding everyone.

Change List

  • New content for Cross Country:
    • Added chapters 4, 5, and 6 of Cross Country.
      • Introduced the new rival Khadijah, who features in rival missions.
  • Revamped the pre-ride screen and post-ride screens to include a leaderboard, which includes Khadijah’s time when relevant.
  • Added 6 Switzerland courses, each with normal and Pro mode.
  • Cross Country performance is now graded off of final time instead of penalty points:
    • Penalty points will add to your final time, rather than your time adding penalty points.
    • The post-ride performance breakdown has been updated to reflect this change.
  • More information on in-progress breeding is shown.
    • This includes information about both parents and the expected grade outcome.


  • Skills tutorial no longer breaks if your owned horse is busy breeding.
  • Fixed issue with Tutorial Repeating 
  • Broken string in the Create Team popup is fixed.
  • Social gift box no longer appears already opened.