Update 1.47 is here! In these update notes, we talk about changes to horse genetics and how they are passed on, as well as touch on some updates made to accessing Free Roam.

Let’s get into it.

Horse Genetics

We have heard your feedback surrounding breeding for those unique coats and colours, and guess what? We’re on it!

Update 1.47 introduces a dynamic new approach to horse genetics, with even weighting across all genes (colour, pattern, dilution and markings), meaning that breeding for that beautiful dream horse is easier than ever before.

Please bear in mind that this is the first iteration of this feature, and we may implement further changes in the future. We’re keeping a close eye on your feedback as we go. We will keep you up to date with any changes as they happen – so make sure you keep an eye on the community.

This new breeding experience will be available to all players on October 26th.

Free Roam

Switzerland’s Free Roam is now accessible to all players who wish to explore its beautiful, lush fields. Simply watch an ad, and these stunning landscapes become yours to discover.

For our Star Club members, rest assured you haven’t been forgotten. Now you can enjoy unlimited time to roam across the fields, seizing the opportunity to capture those awe-inspiring screenshots.

Changes & Fixes

  • Genes’ weightings have been modified
  • New season theming added.
  • Improvements to the market.
    • Market Tab subtitles have been removed
    • Badging of Horse Market, Performance and Item tabs has been removed
    • Gold bonanza changed.
      • Original price has a strikethrough, next to the discounted price.
    • New visuals added to the Currency tab.
    • Premium customisation is now available in the Offers tab.
    • Free Gold Offerwall has been moved to the Offers tab, and now has its own bookmark.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – Cross Country: Jerky horse movements.
  • Fixed players being unable to tap the ‘manage horse’ button in the horse details after they earned a reward from Foaling Season.

Known Issues

  • Unlimited Freeroam for Star Club members is capped at one hour
  • “Unlimited” text in Free roam will not translate