Hey everyone, 

Welcome to the final Rival Stars Horse Racing update for 2022!

In our last set of update notes, we mentioned that an improvement to breeding was on its way… and it’s finally here! It comes alongside changes to the Foaling Stalls, the Prestige screen, languages, and more!

These update notes are going to be packed with information so let’s get into it! 


Change and benefits: 

  • A visual overhaul allows players access to relevant information on one screen.


The Stables and Breeding screens have undergone a gorgeous visual overhaul. You can now access Customization, Foal Stalls, Breeding, Skills, and your horses all on one screen.

To visit your horses in the Stables, you can either tap on the desired horse’s name from the Horse Stalls list or tap on the horse directly from the Stables screen. This then displays their current level stats, genes, skills, and any customization pieces equipped on the horse. To get a full breakdown of the horse including base-level stats and hidden genes, simply tap the ‘Visit Horse’ button.


Changes and benefits:

  • A visual overhaul and a brand new ‘Modify Outcome’ button. 
  • Players can access relevant information on one screen and influence the outcome of their foal’s grade. 

Alongside the Stables, the Breeding screen has also received a makeover.

With 1.39, breeding lower-grade foals has never been easier. Now there is an option in the Breeding screen to influence the grade of the offspring with the addition of ‘Modify Outcome’. The Modify Outcome option costs silver, with the price scaling depending on the grade of the foal you are wanting to breed. Once selected, Modify Outcome will lock in the lower-grade outcome for the foal.

To assist players who struggle to breed lower-grade horses we have made a change to the foaling stalls. Going forward, all Foal Stalls will be the same level and are upgraded together. This means that if you currently have 3 stalls at Level 3, Level 5, and Level 10, after the 1.39 update rolls in they will all automatically become Level 10.

But that’s not all. In addition to the changes in the Foaling Stalls we have also added new studs of varying grades to the Stud farm. There are over fifty new studs added to the premium and Star Club lists, each with a unique pattern including some fan-favorite horses for players.

Prestige roadmap

Changes and benefits: 

  • A visual overhaul now shows the future rewards and feature access that comes with gaining new Prestige levels.


The Prestige screen has also been through a bit of a change. Originally the Prestige screen only displayed your current Prestige, Prestige points, and how many points were needed until the next Prestige level. Now players will see a scrolling menu — this menu still shows all the same details as before but now you can see the up-and-coming rewards including features you will gain access to once you reach the next Prestige level.

Anything else?

Mission changes (coming soon) — for those players who are still early in the game, we have adjusted a few story missions. Players will now see fewer missions requiring horse selling, as well as a few changes to the dialogue in the Cross Country missions. – These changes will be made available approximately a week after the release of 1.39. 

And finally, we’re excited to announce that with the introduction of 1.39, players will be able to enjoy Rival Stars Horse Racing in Danish, Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian.

That’s all for this update folks, We hope you enjoy everything 1.39 has to offer. We want to thank you all for your Passion and Support for Rival Stars Horse Racing during 2022. We have even more in store for you all next year so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

Don’t forget to check out the community to keep up to date with recent news, and competitions. Until next time, happy Racing/Riding everyone.



  • Stables and breeding revamp
    • Stables and Breeding screens have been revamped
    • Foal Stalls have been consolidated
      • All Foal Stalls are now the same level
      • All Foal Stalls are upgraded at the same time
      • Players are able to breed horses while the Foal Stalls are upgrading
      • New Foal Stalls are built at the same level as existing ones
    • Hidden genes are now automatically revealed for free on premium studs in the breeding screen.
    • Visible genes are now shown for foals when visiting the foal in the Foal Stall
    • The outcome of breeding can be modified to guarantee a same-grade foal as the lower-grade parent
    • Info on breeding mechanics is available in the breeding screen
  • Mission and narrative improvements (not available on initial release, coming soon)
    • Added missions to introduce Free Roam
    • Cross Country missions’ narrative and order has been improved
    • “Sell a horse” missions at racing story chapters 4 and 6 have been removed
  • Prestige roadmap
    • Updated to show upcoming feature unlocks for all prestige levels
  • Added translations for Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish
  • Added seasonal themes for the Market, Rose Wheel and Gift Parcel
  • Francis got a new holiday-themed sweater.


  • Inaccurate currency shown when receiving live event rewards
  • Difficult to get the rose wheel to Spin
  • Game Crash after getting promoted and leaving team
  • Game Crash when trying to view an Ad for the free sample
  • PikPok Promo close button is missing (iOS)

Known Issues

  • PowerVR GE8320 GPU issue continues
  • Race gates read 21, Track markers read 31 
  • Currency icons and buttons at the top of the screen may sometimes disappear unexpectedly