Please note: This is a phased roll-out, so it may not reach everyone at the same time

Hey everyone, and welcome to the latest version of the update notes for Rivals Stars Horse Racing Mobile.

Update 1.44 has arrived! In these update notes, we will discuss the changes made to the stats and inheritance system, as well as introduce the brand new Breeding Guide.

Stats and Inheritance

We have heard your feedback regarding breeding for stats, so we have created a new system to help you get the most out of breeding! 

Gone are the days of referring to complex stat tables. Now, with our latest enhancement, you can determine at a glance how good your horse’s stats are for its grade.

Horses’ stats are now categorized using letter grades, providing a clear indication of their excellence compared to the horse’s grade. The grading scale ranges from D, representing an ordinary stat, all the way up to A+, showcasing the pinnacle of perfection when it comes to stats for that grade. You can still see a horse’s numerical stat values by clicking the arrows under the horse’s name on the breeding screen.

We have also made a change to the way stats are distributed to a foal when it is born. We have reduced the randomness in the calculation of these stats, which means you are now much more likely to get a foal with stats that are the average of its parents.

A newborn foal’s base stats are most likely to be the average of the parents’ individual base stats. For instance, if the mare has A+ Speed and the stud has B Speed, the resulting foal is likely to have A Speed. If a foal is born at a grade higher than its parents, its stats will not be as high as they could be. To breed for the best stat qualities, make sure your foal is born at the same grade as its lowest grade parent. You can use Modify Outcome to ensure this.

Breeding Guide

You asked for an updated Breeding Guide and guess what? It’s finally here!

Not only do you now have access to that new and improved Breeding Guide (which can be found here) but we’ve gone a step further and included it in-game too! Now all the valuable information you need for optimal breeding is right at your fingertips, and don’t worry, We will continue to expand the Breeding Guide as we release new updates to breeding in future.

Make sure you take a look at the Breeding Guide for a comprehensive breakdown of how breeding works in Rival Stars Horse Racing. 

That’s all for this update folks. Don’t forget to check out the community to keep up to date with recent news, and competitions. Until next time, happy Racing/Riding everyone

Change List

  • Foals bred on 1.44 will on average have base stats closer to their parents’ ones than before
  • Horses’ base stats are now represented on some screens with a letter grade to indicate how relatively good they are, known as Stat Quality
    • Affects the breeding screen, the foal reveal, and market/offer horses
    • Several of these screens now also let you toggle whether you are seeing stat quality, base stats, or other information
  • An in-depth Breeding Guide popup is added to the breeding screen
    • Includes badging for visibility


Cross country

  • Fixed an issue where some Cross Country jumps were skippable without being penalized
  • Fixed issue where players would get stuck on the last gate in Cross Country Ranch course 2.


  • Horses gifted via inbox no longer cause game crashes.
  • Background music no longer overlaps with audio in the new foal celebration.
  • Free Gift box now displays correctly after opening with seasonal theming.
  • Horse roundels now consistently show the correct age (adult or foal).
  • Improved readability of foal bonus stats on certain share screens.
  • Fixed issue where foals would become invisible after eating multiple times in a row.
  • Resolved the problem of horses gaining XP in Cross Country when they are already at the maximum level.


  • The pasture camera is now centered properly upon returning from moving.
  • Fixed the issue of the pasture camera getting messed up after opening popups.


  • Resolved the problem of the “Facility upgrade available” callout appearing when it shouldn’t.
  • The “New friends” badge now disappears after viewing friends.
  • Fixed the issue with the back button not working correctly after receiving a Rose Wheel reward.
  • The back button now functions properly after selling a horse.
  • Gaining new Prestige levels no longer breaks the Training button.
  • Background music no longer overlaps with audio in the new foal celebration.
  • The green tick now appears correctly in Goals.
  • The Enter button in race select now lights up when available.
  • Fixed the issue of some coat names getting cut off on notched phones.
  • Relocated the Gain XP button in the training screen to avoid interference with the Back button.
  • Offer horse no longer appears in the Homestead house.
  • Resolved the issue of missing overlay text in the Photo Finish share.