Welcome to the latest update notes for 1.45 – New Breed

In these update notes, we will be covering a range of information about the brand-new horse breed joining the game. 

Introducing the Selle Français!

The Selle Français is the ultimate sport horse: they are known for their strength, athleticism, elegance, intelligence, and willingness to work with their riders. Standing at 16 hands tall, these horses have powerful hindquarters and strong hocks, which make them excellent at jumping over obstacles.

I want a Selle Français! How do I get one?

The new Selle Français breed will be available in a limited-time event called Selle Spectacular! Similar to the Foaling Season event, players are encouraged to breed together two horses that are grade 2 or above, earning points for every resulting foal that is also grade 2 or above.

This event will kick off next week. However, this time around, we have made some changes. Players will gain access to the Selle Français breed after earning just 100 points. Additionally, apart from getting points for breeding horses and Selle Français, you can also earn extra points for training Selle Français horses!

Introducing breed bonuses

Before the introduction of the Selle Francais, all horses in the game had no official breed. With the introduction of the Selle Francais, we are officially designating those existing horses in the game as Thoroughbreds. That means that with update 1.45, Rival Stars Horse Racing will have two breeds in the game.

Similar to real life, each breed possesses its own strengths. In update 1.45, players will observe that all new and existing horses are assigned two distinct stat bonuses based on their respective breeds.”

Thoroughbred horses will receive a primary stat bonus in ACCELERATION, accompanied by a secondary bonus in SPRINT, giving them an advantage in Flat Racing.
On the other hand, Selle Français horses will be granted a primary stat bonus in JUMP, along with a secondary bonus in ACCELERATION, providing them with a competitive edge in Cross Country.

While the Selle Français and Thoroughbred horses can be used across both Flat Racing and Cross Country, the introduction of Breed specific bonus stats means that each horse now has the opportunity to excel in their own specialities.


At this stage, breeding with a Selle Français and a Thoroughbred horse results in a 50/50 chance to receive either breed. Coats can be shared across both breeds, resulting in some unique combinations.

Selling a foal

A button has been added in-game that allows players to sell their foals at any point of the foaling stage. It can be found on the right-hand side of the foaling screen once you have selected ‘Care for Foal’.

Change Notes

  • All horses now have information about their breed and its associated bonuses.
    • All existing horses are Thoroughbreds.
  • Added Selle Français horses.
  • Horses receive stat bonuses depending on their breed. 
  • Horse breed is inherited, though when breeding a Thoroughbred and a Selle Francais together, the resulting foal has a 50% chance to be either breed.
    • The Breeding screen is updated to communicate breed types.
  • Selle Francais can wear tack, just like Thoroughbreds, including in races and Cross Country/Free Roam. 


  • Fixed a bugfix from 1.44 which meant the Back button would disappear after emptying the Rose Wheel.
  • Foaling Season reward bubbles with larger reward numbers show the entire value without cutting off.
  • Adds compatibility with changed US privacy laws, for Android and iOS builds only.