Welcome to the latest update notes for 1.46 – Steeplechase!

In these update notes, we will cover information ranging from the new steeplechase mode, Steeplechase Stars event and much more.

Please Note: The Steeplechase game mode and the Steeplechase Stars event will be available early next week – current ETA September 5th


Combining the thrill of Flat Racing with the skill of Cross Country, Steeplechase introduces a brand new way to play in Rival Stars Horse Racing. Test your jumping skills on 16 new courses across four beautiful locations. Steeplechase courses resemble those you are accustomed to in Flat Racing but with the addition of fences on the course that you must jump over as you race.

You can try your hand at steeplechase via the Race & Ride Screen – 

How to Play:

To outperform the competition in Steeplechase, you’ll need to master two things: Perfect Jumps and Sprint Energy management. These two aspects complement each other, as the most efficient way to manage your Sprint Energy is by spending it right after executing a Perfect Jump.

As you approach the fence, press the Jump Button when you are inside the blue Perfect Jump Zone to execute a Perfect Jump.

Perfect Jumps will turn your Stamina Bar a vibrant pink, indicating that your Sprint Energy Recharge Rate and Top Speed are both temporarily increased. This is the prime time to hold down that Sprint Button!

If you’re having difficulty achieving a Perfect Jump, you can also sprint as you approach the Jump Zone. This action will increase its size, making it easier to perform a Perfect Jump.

Alongside your placement, position, and overall time players are also assigned a Sprint management score. Sprint management enables you to evaluate your performance during the race on the Results screen, where a breakdown of your performance awaits.


With the release of the Steeplechase game mode, we will be running a new, two-week-long event called Steeplechase Stars. As you jump into the action on the Steeplechase course and make your way through the tasks, you’ll be earning points that unlock some seriously awesome rewards – including a special treat: our first-ever white  Selle Français giveaway!

This time round, the reward track will consist of two sets of prizes, loaded up with more prizes than ever before. You’ve got the Free track, open to all players, and for those of you looking for a little extra, there’s the Race Pass track that you can snag.

The free track works similarly to previous events, offering the same number of rewards for you to unlock, while the Race Pass track introduces even more prizes into the existing reward track.

Race Pass

Alongside the free rewards accessible to all participants, you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase the incredibly valuable Race Pass. Priced at $5.99 USD, this pass doubles the points you accumulate. This means you’ll make rapid progress through Steeplechase Stars and unlock premium rewards that enable you to earn up to 3,000 Gold by completing the event!

You can purchase the Race Pass from the Steeplechase Stars Event Screen once the event has kicked off. The pass will be available for purchase throughout the event and will also be purchasable after the event for a limited amount of time, allowing you to collect the earned rewards you may have missed.


Boosts are available to enhance your experience, and they can be acquired with gold. These boosts provide advantages in progressing through all areas of Rival Stars!

Boosts give you the option to double your horse XP, double your steeplechase rewards, or have both! Additionally, you can acquire a boost that will grant additional points towards the Steeplechase Stars event.

It’s important to note that boosts have a limited duration of 1 hour each and are activated upon purchase, so make wise decisions regarding when to purchase them.

Energy unification  – career energy 

With the introduction of a new game mode, we have recognized the need to revise the way story mode energy is consumed. While Live Event energy remains unchanged, starting from version 1.46, we have consolidated Racing and Riding Energy into a single type: Career Energy. This allows you to utilize Career Energy across all story modes (Flat Racing, Steeplechase, and Cross Country), providing you with the freedom to play as you prefer.

Additionally, we have increased the energy cap based on your prestige and DOUBLED the recharge speed. As a result, you will have ample energy not only for Steeplechase racing but also for the beloved Flat Racing and Cross Country modes.

Players who find themselves with excess energy after the unification process will still be able to use that energy and observe the surplus going into overflow.

That’s all for this update folks. Don’t forget to check out the community to keep up to date with recent news, and competitions. Until next time, happy Racing/Riding everyone

Changes and Fixes 

  • New game mode has been added: Steeplechase!
    • Unlocks and is playable from Prestige 3.
    • Agility and Jump stats can now be trained at Prestige 3
    • Costs Career Energy to play. 
    • There are a total of 16 courses, with 4 courses per location.
      • Parson’s Valley
      • Billancourt
      • Lincoln Abbey
      • Kildare
  • A new Reward Track 
    • requires prestige 5 to participate
    • New tutorial step added
    • Race Pass unlocks additional rewards
      • Costs $5.99 USD 
      • doubles the user’s points earned towards the reward track.
  • Boosts” can be purchased during the event.
    • Points Power Up.
      • Grants the user +7 points per Steeplechase race they complete. These points can be doubled by the Race Pass.
      • Double Training XP.
        • Grants the user double-horse XP when running Steeplechase, but not other game modes.
      • Double Race Rewards.
        • Grants double the number of items earned from Steeplechase, but not other game modes.
        • Can have any combination of the 3 boosts active at once.
  • Racing Energy & Cross Country Energy have been merged into Career Energy.
    • Excess Racing/Cross Country energy will be added to the user’s Career 
    • A player’s energy cap increases as they level up.
    • Career Energy recharge rate has been doubled to account for this change.
  • Misc changes
    • Visual Change to the Race and Ride screen
    • Gold offerwall moved from the end of the currencies tab in the market, to just after the Gold Packs but before the Silver converter. Also made the button bigger.
    • Restored the ability to view hidden genes in the breeding screen.
    • Updated Pasture to show base stat qualities, rather than level 1 stat number values.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue, after requesting an item and receiving it, it still shows as Requested in Storehouse.
    • Can no longer enter Cross Country with a full storehouse
    • Fixed an issue with Market horses displaying as mare